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The long road of a salary in the DRC.
LONG LIVE THE DEAD! Film about Kologo musician Stevo

The long road of a salary in the DRC  -  Trailer


Have you ever thought about how people in other countries get their salaries paid ? Join us on a remarkable, surprising and adventurous trip when it's 'payday in the jungle' of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Or a surreal story in an extraordinary setting.

for ARTE

War & Grace


The film made in the presence and produced by Hollywood actress Sienna Miller, honours the brave midwives who fight for mothers and babies in South Sudan. The film won the Grand Prix at the first World Health Organisation (WHO) film festival.

for International Medical Corps

Mining royalties in the DRC

In the past mining royalties were only paid to the state who were supposed to retrocede a share to the provinces and the decentralised territorial entities. However, these retrocessions have been very partial. Since the introduction of the new mining code in 2018 mining royalties are divided between three levels of government: national (50%), provincial (25%) and 15% for ETDs (i.e. towns, communes, sectors and chiefdoms).

Thanks to these newly acquired taxes, a new university was built in Bunkeya in three years.


Mining royalties in the DRC

Throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo, USAID works side by side with ETDs and committees to improve the management of mining royalties.


Kinshasa's Subculture - The Costume Art Project

The performance artists in Kinshasa are living sculptures. With the city as a backdrop, they stage their protest against social, economic and ecological problems.

for TTT ARD / Das Erste

Picture: Hope  -  Film Teaser


In 2019, International Medical Corps and National Geographic teamed up to bring Photo Camp to a group of young Somali refugees from Melkadida Refugee Camp in Ethiopia.

"Picture: Hope" documents the week-long experience, capturing the joy of self-expression and highlighting the impact of supporting positive mental health.

The film won won an Outstanding Achievement Award at the Dubai International Cine Carnival.

for International Medical Corps

Long live the dead!  -  Film Teaser

Stevo Atambire, a young master of the Kologo, travels by motorbike through the country of the Fra-Fra, in the north-east of Ghana, to play at funerals. In the tradition, he improvises songs about the life of the deceased. An art form that is firmly rooted and powerful in the midst of the people. In between funerals, the popular Kologo musician, works on his personal career. The Film received an honourable mention for the UNESCO Prize at the Africa film festival in Belgium. The film can now be viewed online at



A video with a compilation of existing previous projects from Ghana, Congo, Ukraine, Ethiopia, South Sudan, ...

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